Available early December:
Expressing yourself just got to be a lot more fun! Hub color options will soon be available in EVERY size Tibor Signature reel. These newly re-designed hubs may be purchased separately, are easy to swap out and will fit all current Tibor Signature reels. In addition, we’re adding two new hub colors into the mix: Graphite and Violet 3D. By selecting a custom color or a color combination and adding a gamefish engraving or a custom engraving, your possibilities are endless. Whether promoting a tournament or proposing marriage, why not say it with a Tibor fly reel? Please see your local dealer for details.

All Signature Hubs Assemblies include the following parts:
• Main Gear
• Drag Seal
• Machined Hub
• Thrust Washer Seat
• Drag Spring
• Draw Bar
• Spool Retainer Insert

Extra Signature 5-6 Hub Assemblies: $125 each
Extra Signature 7-8 & 9-10 Hub Assemblies: $135 each
(Available in early February) Extra Signature 11-12 Hub Assemblies: $165 each